Why You Need A Website

Websites have become a necessity for all business owners today, from large corporations to small business owners and solo entrepreneurs.  It’s the central hub of your online presence. 

In most cases, a business that has a website will outperform one that doesn’t.  There are several reasons to back that up, including:

1)   Most consumers check out a business’ website before buying anything substantial.  Because most businesses today have a website, those that don’t lose some credibility.

2) Your Competition has a website. If you don’t have a website, you can expect that your competition will build brand awareness faster and attract more customers.

3) There are some small business owners who think that having a social media profile or page is enough to build their online presence.  The problem with strategy or plan is that you’ve given away control.  You don’t own the social media account and things can and do change frequently on social media.

We’ve all seen the how the algorithm changes have affected Facebook and Instagram.  Those who thought those two platforms were enough to build their online presence have received a rude awakening.  When you have your own website, you get to call the shots as to what you want to display on your site and you have fewer limitations on how frequently people can see your content. 

One Page Website

One page websites have elements that are similar to those found on a landing page.  They have grown in popularity due to the number of new entrepreneurs entering the marketplace.

Many solopreneurs, especially those just getting started, do not yet have enough content created to justify building a website consisting of several pages.  They have been focused on building their client list. There may also be some budget limitations that have made creating a website at this stage of their business a lower priority.

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…the Ninjas understand exactly what features you need to start building your online presence and your email list.  Incorporate information about your programs and services, publish your best testimonials, get registrations for your workshops, and start building your email list and MORE with our 1 page website.

To view an example, click here:  (Link buttons are not connected but will be on your completed website project).

Website Review

Do your website viewers stay on your webpage to read it?   Do they continue to read other pages on your website?  Do you know what your bounce rate is and why that is important?

Most solopreneurs don’t know where to find the problems and that’s ok because…

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…the Ninjas will perform a 10 point Review to find the problems and Report to you where the problem are and what’s needed for improvement.   

Biz'ness Sizzler Website

  • Have you realized you need a business website?
  • Do you want a website that is designed to fit your business, services and products you offer?
  • Are you ready to trade in your DIY “build it yourself” website with all it’s limitations for one that offers you functionality as well as the ability to expand as your business grows?

Whether you are ready to build your new business website or if you are ready for a redesign of your current business website, a Biz’ness Sizzler Website Package is designed just for YOU!


Tell Me More About This Website Package

The Biz’ness Sizzler Website Basic Package includes: 

  • Pre-build Strategy Consultation
    • Includes Consultation on Domains & Protecting Your Brand, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates*, Layout & Design, Page Concepts, WordPress Plugins
  • Manual Installation of WordPress (more secure than 1-click installation)
  • Installation of Premium, Responsive Theme (full license) and Install child theme, design  specific to your industry or business (full list available at Strategy Consultation)  OR,
    Installation of a Premium Theme of your choice that you have or will purchase. **
  • Customize Theme with your Brand Color Palette
  • Install Custom Header that you provide or Install Your Logo and/or Headshot image that you provide on a basic background header
  • Adjust and Configure Settings, Permalinks
  • Install and Configure Basic Plugins (full list available at Strategy Consultation)
  • Install and Configure Premium Plugins that Client has purchased and has license to use. ***
  • Configure all Social Media and RSS links.  Create RSS feed, if necessary.
  • Create Pages and Blog Summary Page on site, up to 12 pages including the Blog Summary Page. (Page layout will contain placeholder text & images). ****
  • Create Navigation Menu


* Depending on the web host you use, there may be additional work required to install your SSL certificate and to make your website https compatible.

**  Free Themes are not recommended for the use of designing business websites due to security vulnerabilities.  Biz Marketing Ninjas will not design websites using free themes.

*** Premium plugins are not available free of charge from the WordPress.org plugin respository.  Unless otherwise specified in the Proposal, costs for any and all Premium Plugins will be incurred by the Client.

**** Your content consisting of text, graphics, and/or images can be uploaded to your new Website Pages, if it is provided to Biz Marketing Ninjas within the timeframe provided in the Client Proposal.  Use of any content you provide to be uploaded to your website including non-licensed imagery is the sole responsibility of the Client.

SEO for Solopreneurs

Search Engine Optimization is critical to the overall success of your business website.

Most Solopreneurs & small business owners don’t have the time to learn SEO or to develop an SEO strategy.

Does this sound like you…?

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…Would you love to have simple and easy to follow SEO action tips and guidelines that are custom created for your website?

Biz Marketing Ninjas will analyze your website and provide you with simple, easy to follow, custom SEO action tips and guidelines. 

From choosing a keyword strategy to learning what you need to do to your website to get higher rankings on Google, you’ll get info and data that you can make sense of, without being overwhelmed with Geek Speak.

Marketing Locally? You’ll benefit by getting results of directories you should be listed in as well as the ones you are not listed in.

And to kick your SEO strategy up a notch – Ninja style, you’ll also get Content Marketing Tips that are specific to your keywords, such as Suggested Blog Post Title Ideas that are based upon your keywords.

Great for Startups Too!

A few benefits of having a website are:

  • Gain exposure for you and your business, 24/7
  • Reach a larger audience than marketing locally only
  • Brand awareness to more people  Make more people aware of your brand and what you offer
  • Your prospects learn more about you, what you do and how you do it.
  • Showcase your programs, products, and services
  • Generate leads
  • Attract your ideal clients and give them access to what you are offering when it’s convenient for them.  Why lose leads and sales because you’ve closed your shop for the day?
  • Helps you establish your credibility in your industry or area of expertise.
  • More economical that investing in some other forms of advertising like print media, radio and TV advertising

There are some small business who can get by without a website if they are just marketing locally. But think about it, most people today will do a little online research about you and your business before doing business with you, even if your target market is local.  And most people will do this by reviewing your website.

If you are a solopreneur who is marketing nationally or globally and you don’t have a website; or if your website is poorly designed or outdated, we can help you! 

Have you ever thought about the number of people on the globe who could access your website? 
World Population (2018) 7.7 Billion


  • # of World Population with Internet Access 4.24 Billion (est) 55.1% 55.1%
  • # of Users w/Internet Access in Developing Countries 2.67 Billion (est) 63% 63%

The Ninjas recommend a website to give you the functionality and flexibilty to project the best online image of you and your business. .   

For starts ups, you can opt for a beautifully designed, responsive Landing Page, for brand awareness and to generate leads!  

Our website packages include beautiful, responsive designs to fit your vision, from professional to playful.  We can structure your website package to appeal to a variety of budgets, from Starter to Savvy Solopreneur.  Our websites can include the pages and features you need and they include blogs. 

But, we don’t stop there. 

Your website asset will be added to your Google Analytics account so your online metrics can be tracked. 

Our website packages can include strategy session(s) and coaching to help you create the right messaging content to attract your ideal audience.  Our ninjas have not yet mastered the skills of a copywriting but if you need one, we’ll give you some recommendations to pursue.

You can also add basic training to your website package where after your website is completed and launched, you will receive training to make minor content edits to your website yourself.  

We offer website maintenance packages so you don’t have to deal with updates, broken links, back ups, or website security.  Savvy solopreneurs don’t want to deal with these things.  They have enough to do and they are not interested in taking the time to learn this.  

And, prior to starting the process of hiring a designer to build your site, you might also benefit with a strategy session on identifying your domain name before buying it, acquiring domains, or the best self-hosting options for your needs or budget.   


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