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Social Media Marketing Can Be Overwhelming

The Good News Is, You Have Options!

Strategic Marketing Plan

What are your goals for marketing using social media?  Are they tied to your business goals?  

If you don’t know what you are using social media for, how will you measure your results or success?

How will you know if your efforts are effective?

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Do you have a blueprint or a plan to help you achieve what you are focusing your social media efforts on – your goals?

Do you know what your competitors are doing on social media – what’s working for them and what’s not?

A Social Media Strategic Plan will show you where to focus your efforts and the tactics to use to reach your goals.

Social Media Competitive Analysis

Have your competitors have found the secret of getting more likes, comments, fans and followers? 

Most brands getting massive reach and engagement are using knowledge and tools to make their social media marketing successful.

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Learning what your competitors are doing well on social media can help you remain competitive using this marketing strategy. Do you know what your competitors are posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that makes them successful? Do you know what posts they are boosting on Facebook?
(of course, you should never copy your competitors’ content)
Monitoring and analyzing your competition’s posts can show you what’s working for them. Armed with this data, you can form better ideas, content, and a posting strategy to improve your results using social media for marketing.
Reports provided Monthly
Ninja Stealth Package: starting at $125/mo.
(Minimum 3 month committment)

Facebook Ads

Is Facebook your go-to social media platform where you market your business? Does your Ideal Audience hang out there?

Your Page’s organic reach is practically non-existent. Facebook is now a pay-to-play platform if you are using it for marketing.

Facebook Ads work, but you have to know what you are doing!

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Facebook ads can help you create brand awareness, reach more of your Fans, and build your email list. You can target your Ideal Audience and your competitors’ Fans. You can advertise to your website visitors, and more!

Effective use of Facebook Ads depends on a few factors. 

Before starting with Facebook Ads, you should know what your goals are and who you are targeting. 

There is no one strategy to fit all businesses.  Different industries require different strategies.

Success using Facebook Ads depends on developing the right campaign for your business and your objectives and split testing.  It’s not a one and done marketing strategy. 




Social Media Management

Social Media can be an effective way of gaining exposure, market your business, events, products, and generate leads, if you know what you are doing.  

Setting up a Page to share an occasional post won’t get you closer to your business goals.

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Service Packages can include a strategic review of your social media marketing plan, implementation of your plan, create content for your status updates and posts, graphics, memes, and more!

Online Community Management services are also offered for following pages, groups, removing spam, responding to comments.

Min 3 month Commitment with all Packages

Social Media Makeover

Have you looked at your Pages and Profiles lately as your Ideal Audience or prospects would? Are they Optimized with the keywords needed to attract your Ideal Audience? Are you using all relevant Features available?

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Knowing and successfully using the features of the terrain were crucial skills of a Ninja.

Pages & Profiles Assessments & Optimization

If not, it’s time for a Social Media Makeover! The actual process of creating a Profile or a Page is easy!  But many business owners forget or don’t know what’s needed to optimize Social Media Profiles and Pages for marketing a business?  It does make a difference!

Page or Profile Assessment(s)

Incl:  Review & Provide Report of necessary improvements. Simple Improvement Steps are provided.  

Social Media Makeover

Incl: Assess, Report, and Perform Optimization, needed improvements.

DIY Coaching

Are YOU new to MARKETING using Social Media?  Are you SERIOUS about using Social Media as a part of your Marketing plan?

You know that social media can help you get more exposure for your business but you don’t know how to get started or where you should focus your efforts.

And you’re tired of wasting valuable time.  

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There are several reasons why people choose to Do It Yourself. Many Solopreneurs decide to DIY their social media marketing due to budget constraints that keep them from hiring a pro.

The problem with DIY is what happens if you are guessing what you should be doing. You end up wasting valuable time and you get lackluster results.

Stop struggling to get more exposure for your business using social media.

If you are convinced that the DIY approach is best for you at this phase of your business, it makes sense to get the guidance and training you need to use social media effectively to market your business.

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