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What Do Ninjas and Entrepreneurs Have in Common? 

The similarities might amaze you!

Ninjas 忍者 or shinobi (shen-o’-be) were guerilla warriors in feudal Japan.  Entrepreneurs today are involved in a form of daily warfare with the aggressive competition they face in the business world.

The ninjas of pre-modern Japan are known for having attributes such as being mindful, being prepared, and knowing what weapons or tools to use to get their work done. Their passion and dedication contributed to the mastery of their skills.

Entrepreneurs share many of these Ninja traits and even a few more.

Ninjas of the past had a passion for their mastery of skills. This drove them to take risks, use unorthodox techniques, and to push themselves to get the job done.

Today those who have a passion to build something from an idea, take calculated risks, are self-disciplined to push themselves to reach big goals and execute their plans are more commonly known as Entrepreneurs.


Biz Marketing Ninjas offer you Options!

Most Solo Entrepreneurs have mastered the skills in their area of expertise and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their industry.  

Few Solopreneurs have enough knowledge and experience in the field of marketing to turn their vision into reality.  But as a business owner, all entrepreneurs should embrace the idea that they are marketers.  It’s a necessity.       

Let’s face it, marketing is not a one and done exercise.  There are many tasks involved in the marketing process.  Simply creating a Facebook Page will not be sufficient for most businesses.  

Biz Marketing Ninjas are here to provide you a variety of options to help you from comprehensive marketing plans and services to packages that will address components of your overall marketing strategy. 


Build Brand Awareness in Facebook Groups! 

Get Top 5 Tips to help you build Brand Awareness and Relationships in Groups that are not yours!   Why do all of the heavy lifting?     

Learn how to get traction without spending a ton of your valuable time managing a Group!

Success Stories

“I depend on Rebecca to keep my website updated. She is great at providing advice on how to improve upon the layout and content! As a Business Coach and Business Owner, the Return on Investment for any expenditure is extremely important to me. Rebecca more than delivers related to ROI and I would highly recommend her for any of these services.”


Certified Business Coach

“Most social media people I’ve met and some that I’ve hired know how to use the social media sites, they know how to post content that’s been given to them or post and comment on a few random things. But they typically don’t know or think of (on their own) how to repurpose a piece of content at the level Rebecca has for me, using social media to drive traffic to my website, my products, and my events. Rebecca is a master at doing this…”


Business Coach & Speaker

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