Are you looking for topics or quick content idea starters to help you fill your Content Calendar next month and create your blog or social media posts?


Have you started planning the topics that you’ll use to fill your Content Calendar, and ultimately blog about, in September?  Do you know what you plan to share on your Social Media channels next month?

Summer is quickly winding down. Most business owners are making plans to finish out their year to successfully reach their goals. Some business owners are returning from a well- deserved vacation break to unfinished plans and projects.  Sometimes distractions like these can crowd ideas from the creative side of your brain.

Whatever the reason, you know that being consistent with publishing your blogs and posting on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) is very important to help you build trust and grow your online presence.

If you need some blog topics or ideas for your social media posts this Septermber, I’ve compiled a list of Dates of Interest and Holidays that will occur this September for you to use.  There are a few holidays or dates of interest that may be on different dates in subsequent years and I’ve noted that.

Sept 1  American Chess Day  #AmericanChessDay
Sept 1  World Letter Writing Day  #WorldLetterWritingDay
Sept 2  Labor Day  – 1st Monday of the Month  Civic, Shopping, Festivities, etc
Sept 2  World Coconut Day  #Health #Wellness
Sept 3  National Skyscraper Day  
Sept 4  National Wildlife Day #Environment
Sept 5  National Teachers Day  
Sept 5  International Day of Charity  
Sept 5  National Cheese Pizza Day  #Food
Sept 6  National Read A Book Day  #Entertainment
Sept 7  National Beer Lover’s Day  #Beverage
Sept 8  National Grandparents’ Day  1st Sunday after Labor Day
Sept 8  National Literacy Day  
Sept 8  National Pet Memorial Day  2nd Sunday in September
Sept 9  National Wiener Schnitzel Day  #Food
Sept 10  World Suicide Prevention Day  
Sept 11  National Day of Service & Remembrance |  Patriots Day  911 Remembrance
Sept 11  National Make Your Bed Day  
Sept 12  National Video Games Day  
Sept 12  Chocolate Milk Shake Day  #Food #Beverage
Sept 13  Friday the 13th  
Sept 13  Fortune Cookie Day  
Sept 13  Positive Thinking Day  
Sept 14  National Coloring Day  #Arts #Entertainment
Sept 14  National Cream-Filled Donut Day  
Sept 15  National Women’s Friendship Day  3rd Sunday in September
Sept 15  Engineers Day  
Sept 16  Working Parents Day  
Sept 16  National Step Family Day  
Sept 16  International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer  
Sept 17  Citizenship Day  
Sept 17  National Apple Dumpling Day  
Sept 18  National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day  
Sept 18  National First Love DAy  
Sept 18  National Cheeseburger Day  
Sept 19  International Talk Like A Pirate Day  
Sept 20  National Pepperoni Pizza Day  
Sept 21  Miniature Golf Day  #puttputt
Sept 21  International Day of Peace  #peace
Sept 21  World Gratitude Day  #Gratitude
Sept 22  Business Women’s Day  
Sept 23  Autumn Equinox  Date Varies- signals beginning of Fall
Sept 23  International Day of Sign Languages  
Sept 24  National Voter Registration Day  Cause
Sept 25  National Cooking Day  
Sept 25  National Comic Book Day  
Sept 26  National Mesothelioma Awareness Day  
Sept 26  Johnny Appleseed Day  
Sept 27  World Tourism Day  
Sept 27  Native American Day  4th Friday of the Month
Sept 28  World Rabies Day  #animals
Sept 28  National Good Neighbor Day  
Sept 28  National Public Lands Day  #Environmental
Sept 28  International Rabbit DAy  4th Saturday in September
Sept 29  Family Health & Fitness Day (USA)  #Health
Sept 29  Rosh Hashanah  
Sept 29  World Heart Day  
Sept 30  International Podcast Day  
Sept 30  National Love People Day  
Sept 30  International Translation Day Tribute to the U.N. language professionals who help facilitate dialogue to help bring understanding between nations

September is a month when several Safety Awareness Issues, Special Interests and Causes are recognized, such as:

  • Baby Safety Month
  • Animal Pain Awareness Month
  • National Learning & Development Month
  • National Suicide Prevention Month
  • Self Improvement Month
  • World’s Alzheimer’s Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month

If you are a Coach, a Speaker, or someone who works in a profession that deals with any of the above issues, you can create several informative blog articles around any one of the topics for the month of September to better educate your audience.

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