Does Your Marketing Attract Your Ideal Audience/Ideal Client?

Are You Confused About Which Marketing Strategies to Focus Your Time & Energies On?

Biz Marketing Ninjas’ Specialities Include: 


Marketing Consulting, Strategic Marketing Plans & Coaching, Web Site Design, Social Media Marketing & Coaching, Email Marketing & Coaching,Offline Marketing Strategies

Does Any of the Following Sound Familiar?


You are a Coach…

who is passionate about what you do and the people you serve


  • You are sharing your message with as many people as you can.       To do that, you have created one or more signature or trademark talks.  You may be speaking regularly to promote your business, your programs, products and services.  You usually have one or more speaking engagements each month, both locally and in areas requiring travel.
  • You have a healthy list of private clients who you provide coaching to 1 on 1 and you hold a group coaching sessions monthly or you lead a mastermind.
  • You have successfully created a funnel consisting of your programs and you have a substantial email list that you nurture and feed regularly.
  • You have already published one or more books or you are in the process of writing your first book.
  • Your high 5-figure business is still on a growth track.
  • You realize that you need others to handle areas of your business operations to keep things running smoothly.  You are smart enough to understand that you cannot devote the time necessaary to do your genius work, what you do best for those you serve, if you are bogged down with the task of running a business.
  • You realized you need an experienced and well-rounded marketing professional who can provide comprehensive solutions ranging from strategic planning of your marketing based on your business goals, as well as to implement marketing tactics, track metrics and make adjustments where needed.





You are a Solo Entrepreneur…

trying to do everything yourself to make your business profitable 


  • You know that marketing is important. Well-meaning business owner pals, as well as your friends and relatives, have given you a bunch of advice. But nothing they’ve suggested is working.
  • You’ve spent quite a bit of time blogging, but to date, you’ve received little response, so, you’ve decided to stop blogging for a while.
  • You’re spending more time on Social Media. You’ve heard that everyone should be on Instagram because it’s now the fastest growing social media network.  You’ve posted some images there, but the only response you’ve received is the sound of crickets. So, you’ve stopped posting on Instagram for a while.
  • You’ve started spending more time going to local networking events and meetings. You’ve planned what you are going to say when you meet someone new.  You thought you had made a good impression with several members and guests and thought you also made some good connections.  But after waiting for replies to the emails you sent and the voice messages you left, the only results you can see is that you’ve paid for and eaten too many dry chicken dinners.
  • You have less than a hand full of clients but you are spending less time on marketing.  You are questioning which marketing tasks you should focus on consistently.
  • You know you should be creating programs and products that will attract/appeal to your clients but you are spending more time working in your business than you are working on business development. .
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with all of the work it takes to run a business and like so many entrepreneurs, marketing is not something you’ve been trained to do or to do effectively.  You’ve heard that some people had hit on a marketing formula to make their business successful quickly and you’ve also seen other business owners work with a Marketing process.  You’re overwhelm has lead to confusion; you don’t know where to start.

FAQs About Rebecca Ishibashi and Biz Marketing Ninjas’ Process and Procedures

What is Your Marketing Background?

My marketing expertise is the result of:  Education, Training & Experience

  • Education: College coursework in Marketing
  • Training: Extensive coursework in html coding, WordPress website design, social media marketing, email marketing, and ongoing training in offline and online marketing strategies.
  • Experience: Providing online marketing services to clients.
  • Marketing Coaches & Mastermind Group:  I believe that you need to invest in yourself to improve the quality of your life and the quality of your business.  I’ve invested in training and also in coaching programs.  I’m currently enrolled and a member of a high level coaching & mastermind program that’s comprised of dynamic, international business owners; many of whom have reached the 6 figure mark and are working toward their 7- figure businesses.

My Social Media Marketing training is ongoing and has been since 2013 because Social Media is always changing.  I’ve trained with some of the best, including Facebook training from Amy Porterfield and ongoing training from two of the other three authors of “Facebook Marketing All In One for Dummies” – Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare.

My solopreneur journey began as a Marketing Virtual Assistant.  In that role, it was vital to know, not only the strategy but also how to implement online marketing technology and applications.  After several years of “working in the VA trenches”, more of my clients and those interested in working with me were also looking for someone to strategically tie all of those online marketing pieces together in a way that made sense to each of them.  You see, your marketing strategy needs to fit your business at the phase it is currently in.  For example, it would not make sense for you, the business owner/solopreneur, to invest in expensive, high end technology if you are struggling to attract and maintain less than a hand full of clients.

After reviewing the services most requested, it became clear to focus solely on Marketing Strategies and Services.  Most of my clients are Coaches and Speakers who are solo entrepreneurs or they may have just started assembling small teams.

Solo entrepreneurs, in professional industries and in retail and restaurant industries both locally in East Tennessee and in other areas in the US can also benefit using our marketing consulting services, web design or marketing implementation services such as social media marketing and community management.

Aine Unleashed LLC dba Biz Marketing Ninjas is the result of applying the best of what we offer to serve clients to help them effectively get their marketing message to their ideal audience!

Who Is Your Ideal Client? What Type of Business Do They Have?

I’ve enjoyed working with Speakers and Coaches for several years.  My skillset and personality seems to mesh well with these solopreneurs that I’ve worked with.  My experience helping Speakers and Coaches initially began several years ago as a Marketing Virtual Assistant.  I had already invested in the training and had several years of experience in online marketing areas such as social media marketing and website design, a couple of skills that are frequently needed by successful Coaches and Speakers.  And I went a step further by investing in Professional Virtual Speaker Assistant training that resulted in earning my PVSA certfication.

Biz Marketing Ninjas’ Ideal Clients have built a roster of several private clients of their own; and, they may also have clients in a group program. They have built a substantial email list, and they have created a signature program and several other products or programs that are additional forms of income generators for their business.  These are solo entrepreneurs who have reached a level of success in their business.  They currently generate a high-five figure business income and their focus is on business growth.

These are clients who usually travel least once per month for a speaking engagements, or for out of town networking, mastermind or coaching programs they belong to.  They also network and/or speak locally at least once weekly.

These are clients who may have published a book and could be in the process of writing and publishing another one.  I understand how much time and dedication it takes to do this.  I wrote only one chapter in a collaboration book recently providing a blueprint for solopreneurs to effectively use Social Media for Marketing.  It’s a lot of work!   But the book turned out to be an International Best Seller on Amazon so I can’t complain.

Even though Coaches and Speakers are the clients I’ve been able to provide some of my best work for, I’ve also been successful working with solopreneurs in retail and in other service sectors who have similar busy schedules and who want to build a local presence and/or an online presence.  Coaches and Speakers understand the world of service providers very well, especially those who are not confined solely in just a brick and mortar building.   Most Coaches and Speakers who have made a name for themselves have worked very hard for it.  So they know how valuable a great service provider can be.

Biz Marketing Ninjas’ clients may have marketing knowledge and may also be tech savvy but they realize that they can make more money and spend less time doing it if they focus on what they do best – the purpose of their business and not working IN their business.

These savvy business owners outsource certain areas of business operations, like bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing to those who have the expertise and who are responsible.  They maintain an operations budget to pay those who work on their behalf.

Biz Marketing Ninjas work with clients who are located in the US and who are native English speakers.

What Type of Client Personality Do You Work Best With?

Biz Marketing Ninjas’ Ideal Clients understand that marketing is a process and not a one and done task.

They may have some marketing experience and may be somewhat tech savvy.  However, they realize they can increase their sales and make more money by focusing on their core competencies – what they do best – instead of trying to DIY (Do It Yourself) most or all of their marketing and business operations.

As such, Biz Marketing Ninjas’ clients are focused and are very busy people.  They understand they need to be clear about their expectations and their goals, but they do not want or expect to hold the hands of anyone they hire to do a job or project for them.

They need to work with people who can effectively manage and follow through on every aspect of marketing that’s been outsourced to them.

These are clients who appreciate organized procedures and systems.  They appreciate being briefed on new marketing trends. And they are looking for someone to think creatively about marketing tactics and solve  technical/system problems when they arise.

What Type of Client Personality Do You NOT Work Best With?

Like most consultants and service providers, it is my sincere wish and I work hard to make clients comfortable with my processes, consulting, coaching and ultimately any work or service performed for you.  I understand there will be questions in the beginning and I will schedule time to answer your question(s) so you will understand generally what is being done for you.   Depending upon the services and/or projects you select, a strategy or clarity session may be included in the beginning of the project so we can ensure we both understand the direction being taken with your marketing.  Some Services & Packages will also include status updates. 

You need to be comfortable and confident in the quality of what Biz Marketing Ninjas can offer you.  If you have concerns, we can talk about a better way to make that happen.  

I have found that problems usually occur if:

  • Client is not clear about their marketing and sales goals and for whatever reason, isn’t ready to be accountable or is too distracted to do what’s needed to identify their goals. 
  • Client feels they must micro-manage every project they have outsourced.  
  • Client continues to believe the myth that there is a magic marketing formula to help them grow their business from 4 figures to 7 figures in a relatively short period of time or less than a year. ( By the way, that “formula” does not exist.)  For that reason, they are unwilling to rely on tried and true foundational marketing procedures and steps. 
  • Client takes advice, buys into myths, and acts on suggestions from self-proclaimed “gurus”, and well-meaning friends, relatives, networking buddies instead of following strategic process defined specifically for their business.  (Even though all of the “secrets” that have been offered and implemented have not yielded results and these new tactics can implode any positive results made).
  • Client has a low tolerance for being consistent and persistent and feels a need to change strategy and/or process every week or month.
  • Client who insists on multiple revisions to their draft content that’s uploaded on their website, ezines, Valuable or Signature Offers, etc.

What Do You Charge for Your Services? Do You Offer Discounts?

Biz Marketing Ninjas offers several service packages that are competitively priced to fit a variety of needs and budgets.  The services are bundled in the packages to provide the most support to clients and to give clients the best value.

Biz Marketing Ninjas does not offer a rate per hour pricing model.  It is a very easy to understand a pricing model that exchanges money for hours and on the surface, it appears to be fair.  However there are many problems inherent with this pricing strategy.  One of the biggest problems is that many solopreneurs attempt to compare rates per hour based upon the freelancer or independent contractor’s title.  But in most situations, they end up comparing apples to oranges because the skillsets, education, and training of the person(s) they are outsourcing to are not comparable.  Another big issue with this pricing model is that it discourages efficiency…the very thing that attracts many solo entrepreneurs to freelancers and independent contractors who still work with this outdated model.   Please don’t misunderstand, there are many hard working freelancers or independent contractors who are efficient. But unless you have already identified someone who is efficient, you may have some learning experiences with those who are not.

Quality Clients expect to receive quality and value for their investment and that’s what Biz Marketing Ninjas brings to the table.  Biz Marketing Ninjas’ Clients expect to receive programs, products and services that are valuable to them.

They understand there is a price attached to receive quality and expertise just as there is an investment to gain knowledge.  It takes time, knowledge and experience to reach a level of expertise in any area or industry.

For that reason, Biz Marketing Ninjas’ Clients do not expect to receive something for nothing.  Discounts are not offered. No bartering is accepted for programs, packages, or products.

Why Do I Need You? Can’t I Just Do This On My Own?

You certainly can try to do any type of marketing on your own. And honestly, because you know your business better than anyone else, you should be the voice of your business.  You should continue to contribute to your marketing message after you decide you no longer have time to focus all of your energies and time on this task and you start outsourcing it to others.

I’ll bet you are already involved in some Offline Marketing like networking or making cold calls. You may be dabbling in Online Marketing now by setting up Social Media Pages and Profiles on your own. The Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, et al) make that process very easy for users.

There are also some DIY web page builders and blogging platforms on the market and there are some email service providers that make it easy for you to install an opt in form on a web page so you can try to attract  people to subscribe to your newsletter.

However, all of the actions in the above paragraphs are tactics; there is no marketing strategy involved. This reminds me of a quote:

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ~ Sun Tzu (~500 BC)

Here are examples of what I mean that relates to Online Marketing:

You’ve set up a LinkedIn Profile or a Facebook Page:

  • What is your strategy to find your ideal audience there, to attract them to your Profile or Page and grow your tribe?
  • How do you plan to direct them to your website or convert them into buyers?

You’ve found a DIY webpage builder application that you think fits your budget:

  • Do you know how to plan and design a website that will attract the type of clients you want?

You have planned a newsletter and have an opt in for subscribers:

  • How will you attract subscribers and what will you offer as an incentive to subscribe?
  • How will you nurture them until your next newsletter?

You attend several networking groups each month but you have not yet received any referrals or leads:

  • What are you doing to create interest in what you do and what you offer when you are connecting with others in your groups?

If you are going to focus on providing quality service to your clients, creating content and programs, share your message by speaking to groups, and more to grow your business, you will not have the time to Do It All Yourself.

And if you don’t have the training or knowledge of what to do and when, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time, less time to create programs, go to speaking engagements, as well as less time to make sales, which results in your losing $$,$$$ !

If your marketing efforts have fallen flat or if your business has grown to the point where you need to offload the tasks to implement your marketing strategies, click to schedule a complimentary Marketing Clarity Call to explore your options with Biz Marketing Ninjas!  


I have a few questions. Can I talk with you on the phone?

I’ll be happy to discuss your questions. I offer complimentary Marketing Clarity Calls twice per week. Here’s how to reserve your session on my calendar.

The system developed at Biz Marketing Ninjas is a process that’s as easy as 1-2-3 to follow.

  1. Click here to schedule your complimentary Marketing Clarity Call.
  2. You’ll receive Links to Documents that you’ll review prior to your scheduled session.  Follow all of the instructions  that are providied on your confirmation email.
  3. Be Ready for your complimentary session at the scheduled time.


Can I Sign Up For Just One Session With You?

If you have an immediate question or problem relating to marketing that you need answers to and you’d like to experience a sample of our services, click the link to schedule a Marketing Q & A Session to discuss the marketing challenge you are currently experiencing or a technology issue you are having with an online marketing application.

I’m Not Ready To Start But I Need Your Help. Is There A Way To Sample Your Work?

For Solopreneurs who are struggling with Social Media Marketing, I offer several packages including an On-Ramp Package that will demonstrate and train you how to be effective and consistent with your social media marketing, while avoiding the problem of being distracted and wasting your valuable time.

Schedule your Marketing Clarity Call to get more information, scroll below to click button.

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Hey there, I’m Rebecca Ishibashi, Founder and Chief Ninja Officer.  

I’ve given you a lot of information about the professional “me” in the FAQs above.  So I thought I’d give you a little info about the personal “me”  – the person outside of the business.

Growing up near the Gulf on Clearwater Beach made me realize how connected I am to water.  I don’t reside there now but try to return to areas where I can breathe that wonderful salt air and listen to the waves breaking as often as I can.

Like any business owner, I stay busy most of the time, but I also know it’s important to have some regular down time to stay rested, refreshed and to keep the creative juices flowing.  I make time to meditate regularly because I’ve learned you can discover power and insight when you simply quiet your mind.  My golf game has suffered a bit over the years because I don’t play as often as I used to, as often as I would like.  (Just like anything else, you have to practice, you have to be consistent to get results!)   I’ve recently started dancing again – something I did several years ago.  I always loved it and it’s great exercise.  Because we are currently near the Smoky Mountains, I enjoy hiking and the mountain air when I can.

I’m also Grandma to two awesome grandsons and owner of two cats that we rescued from the local shelter (or perhaps I should say that they own us!  If you are a cat owner, you know exactly what I’m referring to.)

If you are familiar with the Kolbe A Index, I scored higher on QuickStart – (no surprise).  I’m in the process of learning more about and possibly discovering my Ennegram type…Will keep you posted!

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