Successful social media marketing requires more than creating a page or profile on a social media channel and publishing some random posts. Social media is a great tool for lead generation. And you will understand how you can use it when you’ve finished reading this post.

Social media marketing begins with making connections, building relationships and brand awareness. But there are several strategies you can use start generating leads to fill your funnel with prospects to convert into buyers.

Assuming you’ve done your pre-work and you know who your ideal client is, what their interests are, what their pain points are and which social media channel(s) they hang out on, it’s time to start generating leads.

Try one of more of these strategies that to transform your social media accounts into lead generating machines.

Build List with Gated Content: Gated Content consists of content offered that interested parties can access in exchange for an email address. This is also referred to an as opt-in offer.

Your Signature FREE Offer is a way for people to “sample” you and what you have to offer. Your Offer should be content that aligns with your ideal audiences’ needs or interests that they will find valuable. It can be content to read, listen to, or to watch.  Types of content that works well are checklists, brief guides, lists, audio files, or video files that provide information, tips, techniques, tools, etc.  Lengthy reports are no longer sought after for those in most industries. Today, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Once you’ve created your Signature Free Offer, start promoting it on your social media channels. If you haven’t created your Offer yet, you can start building your list by offering your fans and followers a way to subscribe to your ezine or newsletter.

Share information about your opt-in form and the link to it in your social media posts. You can also include your opt-in offer and link in the bio section of your social media account(s).

Talk about your ezine/newsletter in your social media posts or status updates and give your fans an easy way to subscribe to it by sharing the link to the opt-in form.

Getting subscribers is the start of the lead generation process. Subscribers who are also your ideal clients are great leads. Some may purchase from you quickly, but be prepared to continue providing valuable content to nurture most of your subscribers. And that’s ok, because if they stay on your list and are interested in what you offer, you have the opportunity to stay top of mind with them. There are some who will stay on your email list for several years before making a purchase.

Email marketing is still one of the most influential mediums for building strong relationships with new and existing customers. With all of the ways you can publicize your Signature FREE Offer, newsletter and your opt-in forms on social media, don’t overlook getting those sign ups to build your list.

Use Facebook Tabs: You can install your opt-in form for your Offer or your ezine/newsletter directly on your Facebook Page using the Page Tab feature. Facebook makes this a user friendly, painless process and it’s free.
You can also set up other Facebook Page Tabs to publish information about your services, products, promote special offers, sales, and discounts or coupons.

Create, Curate, and Publish Great Content: Avoid using random content on your social media channels. There is a lot of competition for your ideal clients’ time and content that doesn’t interest them will not attract them or make them hang around long enough to become loyal fans.

Develop a content creation plan to help schedule writing your original content. If you do this, you’ll have content on hand and be ready to go, based upon the posting schedule you’ve defined.  And, you’ll be less likely to post something random if you are pressed for time.  Once you understand what your prospects and clients want and need, it will become easier for you to create the type of content that appeals to them.

Share your best original content and the best content of others that your tribe will find interesting. You can also share information and links to your sales pages.   Show your expertise – become the go-to person in your field because that will also help you generate leads.

Host Facebook Livestreams: Are you launching a new product, service or program? Why not host a Facebook Live to announce it? You can discuss a topic that relates to what you are launching in the same Livestream. Provide links to your sales pages in the your Livestream Comments.

Extra Bonus Points for also including your opt-in form link for your Signature FREE Offer in the Comments section of your Facebook Live.

Host A Contest: This can be a great strategy depending upon your industry, the prize, and how you structure it.
Contests have been very popular on Facebook and they can generate brand awareness, engagement and leads.

The downside of this strategy is that unless the prize awarded is specifically created or designed to align with your ideal audience instead of targeting large groups of people who are not your ideal audience, you may find the leads generated with this strategy disappearing after the contest is over.

Social Media Ads: You have great content and a wonderful new program or service to launch, but the traffic on your website and your social media channel is low. This could be the time to break open your wallet and pay to play.  Social media ads are a great way to promote your business, your offerings, your sales, launches, etc.

Facebook has an ad management tool to help you define your demographic to target your audience with laser-like precision. The other popular social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, offer options to advertise there too.

You should know whether your target audience is on the social media channel where you plan to use ads BEFORE you spend time and ad dollars there.

Running an ad with your opt-in offer can help you build brand awareness and while building your list.

Get familiar with and use all of the features offered on the social media channel where the focus your marketing efforts is to generate leads.

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